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"I speak one language with Hair"

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Message from the Director

T ONY AIRO’S PRODUCTS was started eight years ago by Tony Airo a successful international hair stylist, with expansive knowledge and expertise on afro hair. He has 18 years’ experience in the hair and beauty industry and owns a hair and beauty salon in Nairobi, Kenya.
Through his years as a hair stylist he has interacted with very many different kinds and textures of hair hence his wealth of knowledge that contributes to the success of each and every product manufactured.
Tony Airo has also written numerous hair articles on many of Kenya’s leading newspapers and magazines.


H e has also been the brain child behind many hair and make-up on television commercials, programs, billboards and magazines An astute businessman for many years with a background in public relations, who believes that passion, purpose and preparedness could take anyone to impossible heights in business or any other career.

It was only proper to make this the company’s mantra PASSION, PURPOSE AND PREPARED